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Our Mission

We are a tech company nad started in 2020 with the goal to desing the challenges of the future.

Alois Huber

Founder & CEO

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Alois Huber graduated in Electrical Engineering in Regensburg, Germany and then worked several years for an international Automatic Test Environment company. After that, he moved to Munich and joined the radio communication R&D team at Rohde & Schwarz. Later on, he founded a start-up dealing with Embedded Systems in medical, communications, automotive and industrial areas and served various international customers with many high-quality electronic devices. 2019, Alois Huber was invited from the FH Kufstein, Austria to work as a guest professor in the technical courses.

Our customers

HTWK Leipzig Fakultät Digitale Transformation

Our Customers

HTWK Leipzig Fakultät Digitale Transformation