The IoT Builder is a platform that helps you to easily realize your IoT product idea.

Evolution is more than the sum of all revolutions

Gerald Dunkl (*1959), Austrian psychologist and aphorist

1What is IoT?
The internet of things stands for interconnected devices that are interacting with each other over the internet. It is supposed to support people in their activities imperceptibly. Famous examples are wearables, housing technologies, etc.
2Why IoT?
We humans always strive to make our lives easier and more convenient, such as through the discovery of fire, the construction of tools, assembly line production, etc. The 21st century, with the support of machines and algorithms, heralds a new industrial and social revolution. It is up to us to help shape this future.
3What means IoT builder?
Iot builder is a platform. In four simple steps you are able to realize your idea of an IoT system, without a lot of prior knowledge and resources. Moreover, flexmeta is not limited to development and products – IoT builder also includes marketing and sales.

Define requirements

Discuss your product idea and target markets with our team


Using rapid-prototyping methods, we quickly and reliably create prototypes that allow you to gain your first user experience.


After fine development of all components, we obtain the certifications required for approval in the desired countries and start production.


Our sales experts help you with worldwide sales.